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Our Program

Putting the "Zing" Back in Life


Seniorizing is a six week program designed to help reconnect seniors aged 50+ who are socially, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually isolated. Running five hours a day, five days a week, at a cost of $20 per day, Seniorizing helps connect participants to resources in the community, engages the mind and body through cognitive and physical exercise, and develops new skills in partnership with volunteers and community organizations, preventing cognitive decline and improving quality of life. 

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Dancing, choir, learning a new language, eliminating negativity, mindfulness, meditation, laughter yoga, mind games, woodworking, cooking/baking, computer activities, and exploring family and personal history, are just a few activities we have planned. Participants can expect to engage in music lessons, walking groups, art and crafts, cognitive activities and brain games, writing, reading activities, and the chance to connect with the city's children and youth.


We believe in generativity, in connection across generations, and the magic that happens when seniors and youth share space. We've partnered with both school systems in St. Albert, giving our seniors the opportunity to join Jr. High students in options classes, such as woodworking, mechanics, cooking, sewing, drama and music. Senior High students will work with participants to explore and record family history or personal story.